Who are we?

UBIQUITY is a cloud-based service for sharing training and orientation materials with your employees. Advance your training from paper manuals and lectures to delivering digital content. Track progress through an easy-to-use dashboard while your employees complete their training and quizzes from any computer or mobile device. UBIQUITY is tailored to the small and midsize business community with relevant features and affordable pricing.

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How we can help

Save time, save money and ensure that your employees have the proper training to help your business be successful. Company growth, employee turnover and annual training requirements mean that the same message needs to be repeated over and over. The UBIQUITY Training solution allows you to create it once and share it continuously:

  • New employee orientation
  • Meet the owner/management team
  • Sharing of company Vision and Values
  • “How to” videos specific to your business
  • Annual safety training
  • Annual Code of Conduct attestation

Your content

Today’s video technology allows every business to create its own custom training materials at minimal cost. Paired with existing documentation, employee handbooks or training guides, we will help you build a custom “curriculum” that meets your needs. UBIQUITY can store and present virtually any type of content from images to documents to videos to PowerPoint presentations and more.

Easy to use

A simple dashboard allows you to assign the training and track progress. Your employees receive an email with a link to your custom UBIQUITY training site and they complete the class from any computer or mobile device, in the timeframe you designate. We help you build interactive quizzes that ensure comprehension and digitally record attestation.

Partner with UBIQUITY to streamline, automate and reduce the cost of training your employees. It’s fast, affordable and easy to implement.

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